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Frequently Asked Questions2017-07-12T19:28:55-07:00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is more information about Veropan services and how we can help your business succeed.

What service plans does Veropan offer?2019-09-18T11:10:53-07:00

Veropan has services plans for Professionals, Businesses (small / medium sized), and Enterprises. We also offer a free Community Edition plan (perfect for trying Veropan on your website).

Why should my business choose Veropan?2019-09-18T11:09:16-07:00

Value – Performance – Business Class Service

Veropan’s proprietary Story Workflow™ user interface simplifies (saving time and money) the task of transitioning ordinary photographs and 360° panoramas into compelling / engaging stories (engaging and enhancing relationships with clients and partners). Our Business Class service was designed exclusively for business use (multi-user accounts, role based access security, branding, advertising free, focused playlists, and much more).

What can Veropan do for my business?2019-09-18T11:06:26-07:00

Veropan makes it really easy to add 360° Virtual Tours to your company’s website. Virtual Tours engage visitors longer and build stronger relationships using interactive Virtual Reality technology.

What is a Media View?2019-08-03T10:47:33-07:00

Media Views are one of the key metrics tracked by Veropan to measure the value delivered to your clients and partners (website visitors).

When one of your Veropan Stories are viewed, one or more Media View events are generated. View events reflect the amount of time your visitors view your Veropan Stories.

When will our credit card be charged?2019-08-01T12:47:15-07:00

Your account billing date is the day of the month you signed up for a paid service plan.

Payments for the month are charged on the billing date (start of each billing period/month).

Account upgrades must be approved by an account owner and are paid for at the start of the following billing period/month.

Can my business get a discount?2019-08-01T12:45:39-07:00

Yes. You can prepay for 10 months of service and receive 2 months free –OR– Sign up for an Enterprise service plan.

What happens when my account has reached its Media Item (storage) limit?2019-08-01T12:40:19-07:00

The account owner(s) are notified as storage limits are reached.

Paid Accounts: Upload of additional Media Items is allowed (account owner must accept service upgrades).

Free Accounts: Upload of additional Media Items is blocked

Why do Veropan accounts support multiple user logins?2019-08-01T12:33:43-07:00

Veropan is designed for business. Businesses have teams (multiple users) generating and publishing content to their web site and social media accounts. All Veropan accounts support team access using role based access security.

What is the difference between the different service plans – Professional / Business / Enterprise?2019-08-01T12:31:12-07:00

Storage, delivery, and branding.

As your business needs grow (more storage / more deliveries) your Veropan plan can be easily upgraded. Larger accounts (Enterprise) have the option to remove Veropan branding or rebrand the service as their own.

Do I need a credit card to sign up and use Veropan?2019-08-01T12:27:02-07:00

No credit card is required to try Veropan. Sign up for the Community Edition plan and try Veropan for free.

To sign up for a free trial / business account visit https://www.veropan.com/signup

Can my business try Veropan for free?2019-08-01T12:18:04-07:00

Yes. No credit card is required. All you need is a valid business email address to sign up for a free Veropan business account.

To sign up for a free trial / business account visit https://www.veropan.com/signup

How do I get started?2016-12-30T16:13:59-07:00

It is easy to get started using Veropan’s Storytelling service.

  • Sign up for a free Veropan business account
  • Contact Veropan Sales to learn more at 719.439.8399 or sales@veropan.com


How is my data protected?2016-12-30T17:34:43-07:00

We take security very seriously.

  • Account information is encrypted / digitally signed
  • Access to all user data is tracked / audited
  • Archived data is stored offline / encrypted / digitally signed
What types of media does Veropan Stories support?2016-12-30T16:32:39-07:00

Veropan Stories can include:

  • Photographs, Panoramas
  • Images, Graphics, Icons
  • Videos, HD Videos, UHD Videos
  • 360° Panoramas, 360° Videos
  • Gigapixel Images, Gigapixel Panoramas
  • Music, Audio, Sound Clips, Narrations
  • Transcripts, Closed Caption Text
Why should I upload my media to the Veropan Story Library?2016-12-30T16:46:15-07:00

Veropan’s Story Library is an intelligent file / data store used to manage traditional and emerging multimedia data.

The Story Library is used to author and assemble stories.

  • Unified storage of all business digital media assets
  • Tag digital media asset file (metadata)
  • Organize, sort, search, and find digital media assets
  • Secure access of digital media assets
  • Archived storage of “original” digital media assets (never lose data)

The Story Library is an enterprise class online business service provided by Veropan.

Do you loan or rent 360° cameras?2019-08-01T13:04:05-07:00

Yes. We have a very limited number of 360° cameras that are available for rental on a monthly basis.

To rent equipment from us you must be…

  • A existing Veropan business customer
  • A U.S. based company
  • Provide a refundable deposit (via credit card)
  • Agree to the rental terms and conditions

Please contact Veropan Sales for more information at 719.439.8399 or sales@veropan.com

Can I hire someone to create stories for my business?2016-12-30T16:38:44-07:00

Yes. You have a couple of choices…

Veropan’s professional services are available to help your business create compelling and engaging stories. Please contact Veropan for more information at 719.439.8399 or sales@veropan.com

Veropan can recommend a professional from our network of certified storytellers.

You can hire someone that you know and trust to create stories for your business. You can grant “capture” and “create” access privileges to your Veropan business account to your trusted professionals.

Do I need to hire a professional photographer?2016-12-30T16:13:39-07:00

If you are asking this question then the answer is most likely “no.” Hiring a professional photographer depends on your business objectives, goals, and budget.

If you can take pictures with a digital camera and post them online then you will be able to use Veropan.

Veropan’s Business Storytelling Services are designed to be used by business owners without special training or experience.